Useful Tips to Naturally Soften Stool

Hard bowel movement is a common problem that most people experience occasionally. It occurs when stool passes through the colon too slowly. Slow movement allows the colon enough time to absorb too much water, making the stool dry and hard.

How to determine the cause of constipation?

Various factors should be evaluated in order to determine the underlying cause of constipation. For instance, general health of the patient, medical illnesses, use of constipating medicines, fibre intake and the patient’s psychological status can help determine what is causing constipation. 1

Transient or acute constipation can be caused by travelling, stress, changes in diet whereas secondary constipation can be caused by colon cancer, drug treatments, metabolic or neurological conditions. 2

Less than three bowel movements per week is a common symptom of constipation. However, diagnosis and evaluation of constipation is different in adults as well as kids. 3

True prevalence of constipation is not very clear, because it can be diagnosed when you visit a health clinic or it can be treated at home using home remedies. Diet and lifestyle modifications are effective in relieving symptoms and if these measures don’t work, laxative therapy can be tried. 4, 5, 6

How to cure hard stools?

Looking for the best stool softener for daily use? For chronic constipation, you can see a doctor and get some prescribed medication. But if your constipation isn’t chronic, it can be easily prevented by making certain lifestyle changes.

Fluid Intake

Increasing fluid intake might help in treating constipation, especially if there is evidence of dehydration. There is an association between intestinal constipation and low fluid intake, so drinking sufficient water may help relieve symptoms. 7, 8

Physical Activity

There is no sufficient evidence to prove that exercising helps in the treatment of chronic constipation; however, it has been found that bowel movement and colon transit of physically active individuals is more frequent than sedentary individuals. 9, 10, 11

There are several stool softeners in the market but it is recommended to use a trusted brand like Softovac powder that has 100% Ayurvedic active ingredients.

Stool softeners are mainly bowel regulators made from 100% natural actives. They contain ingredients that are known to provide relief from irregular bowel habits and constipation. For instance, Softovac includes Ayurvedic ingredients such as Sonamukhi, Isabgol, Amaltas that helps facilitate bowel mobility.

Stool softeners work by activating the secretion of digestive juices that further help in digestion. It not only makes the stool soft for easy bowel movement but also relieves stomach discomfort.

Factors to Consider

Before you take laxatives or the best stool softener for daily use, makesureyou consult a doctor. This is important because wrong dosage of the medication can cause side effects such as stomach complications and nausea. Stool softeners are safe to use but if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding, then speak to you gynaecologist before taking this medication.