Effective home remedies for constipation

Are you experiencing infrequent bowel movements? Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable on a daily basis? Constipation is a common gastrointestinal disorder that is caused by various factors including, lifestyle habits, colonic transit and psychological distress. 1

Before you rush to the doctor, here are a few effective hard stool home remedy options that you can try:

Fibrous Food and Constipation

A low-fibre diet is not necessarily the cause of chronic constipation. However, some people with constipation can benefit from a fibre-rich diet. In some cases, additional fibre intake in the form of psyllium, polycarbophil and methylcellulose can also improve the symptoms. Fibre supplementation can act as an effective measure to treat constipation. There is satisfactory level of proof to show that fibre intake has a positive effect on colonic transit time and excessive straining. 2, 3, 4


It is known that bowel movement and colon transit of physically active individuals is more frequent than sedentary individuals. However, there is lack of strong evidence to prove the benefits of exercising in the treatment of chronic constipation. As per some reviews, Yoga might be a safe treatment for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 5, 6, 7

Water Intake for Constipation

If there is an evidence of dehydration, increasing fluid intake might help in treating constipation. There are a few epidemiological evidences that indicate an association between intestinal constipation and low fluid intake. 8, 9

When to take a bowel regulator?

Drinking sufficient water and increasing fibre intake can help things moving but sometimes, you may need a laxative or bowel regulator to treat constipation.

If hard stool home remedy doesn’t work, you can opt for bowel regulator. Bowel regulators help in regulating as well as maintaining bowel movements. They are used in treatment of indigestion, constipation and irregularities in bowel habits.

Bowel regulators like Softovac SF act as a laxative, helping in softening the stool and providing relief from acute as well as chronic constipation. They contain natural ingredients that are an effective remedy for soften stool.

Make sure you choose a safe and trusted bowel regulator such as Softovac SF that contains 100% natural actives and Ayurvedic ingredients such as, Alamtas, Isabgol, Sonamukhi and Mulethi. These ingredients are known to facilitate bowel mobility and prevent intestine/stomach related irritation or ulcers. Also, opt for a sugar free bowel regulator that has a non-addictive formula.

Irrespective of the brand you choose, make sure you don’t exceed the recommended dosage. It is very important to read the label carefully before using any bowel regulator.

If you are suffering from constipation, make sure you consult a doctor before taking any medication. A doctor will consider your health condition before prescribing anything. For instance, bowel regulating tablets or powders are not recommended for people who have appendicitis or similar health issues.

A nonpharmacological approach can help in the treatment of constipation. As the first line of therapy, patients need to be educated about the importance of making lifestyle changes and becoming more active. A well-planned diet can also be an effective treatment option. Only when pharmacologic treatments fail, a surgical approach can be taken by the medical experts.10, 11